Software Development

Freelance Developer Vs Dedicated Development Team – Which one to Choose?

freelance developer vs development team

Entrepreneurs are sometimes in a dilemma whether to choose a development company or a freelancer for a software project. There are various key factors that are to be considered before hiring the best one out of the above two. In this blog, Doynt Technologies shares which one works best announce the winner in ‘freelancer vs a development team’ fight.

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How to Build a Niche Dating App – A Design & Development Guide

how to build dating app

When it comes to a dating app, every entrepreneur thinks about Tinder and Bumble. But how to build a dating app that is as flawless as the leading names in online dating? The answer to this question is quite simple! If you are familiar with the know-how of app development, it won’t be hard to develop a modern matchmaking app. In this blog, Doyt shares everything about dating app development to help you procure a future-ready dating application.

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Food Ordering & Delivery App for Business- Top Features & Considerations

ordering app for business

Food ordering app for business is the new rage in town. And there is nothing more profitable now than hitching your bandwagon to this trend. There are standalone restaurants & food chains that have food delivery apps exclusively for their stores. On the other hand, you can start afresh by launching a start-up, linking it …

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Mobile App Development

18 Ecommerce Mobile App Features For Higher Sales & Engagement

Ecommerce mobile app features

From startups to big brands and small businesses to leading entrepreneurs, everybody wants to hitch their ventures to the ecommerce bandwagon through their unique mobile app features. The reasons for this phenomenon are not difficult to decipher. Consider these statistics!  Of the estimated global population of 7.7 billion, there will be 1.92 billion global digital …

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security For Small Businesses – Major Threats & Recovery Tips

Cyber security for small businesses

Cyber security is need of the hour for every business, and sadly small businesses often ignore it. Data is the backbone of any venture, whether big or small, and the most vulnerable asset for any business. This makes it very crucial to take strict measures to protect data from potential cyber threats and attacks. In this blog, Doynt Technologies will help small businesses understand the importance of cyber security, major digital threats it may face, and how small businesses can recover if a cyber attack happens.

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Web Development

Responsive Mobile Web Design- 10 Must-Follow Principles

Principles of mobile site design

There are almost 3 billion smartphones in the world. If we complement this piece of data with the insight that mobile phones usage has exceeded desktop usage, the critical nature of mobile-ready websites makes a strong case. For a better user mobile experience, some important design aspects should be taken into consideration. And in this blog, you are going to learn 10 of them!

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