Cyber Security

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks- Precautions Against Digital Crime

how to prevent cyber crime

The online internet-driven space can be a host to cyber crimes against individuals and businesses. How to prevent cyber attacks is the question of the hour and the answer is precautionary measures against digital crime. But what are the cyber crime precautions that rising brands and professionals can put up against the rising threat of cyber attacks. Doynt Technology will guide you with state of the art precautionary and preventive measures that will work valuably in avoiding the loss caused by digital crimes on the internet.

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Web Development

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Business in 2019?

domain name for business website

A perfect domain name is a crucial for the identity of your business. A short, exemplary domain name can be the reason between successful web presence and getting lost in the cyberspace. It is always advisable to seek professional help before deciding the name for your online identity. Doynt Technologies brings a perfect guide for entrepreneurs and business owners to choose the right domain or business website name.

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Mobile App Development

50 Mobile App Development Best Practices to Rule iOS & Play Store

mobile app development best practices

Smartphones have changed the definition of internet by bringing the entire web space consumer’s hands. It has become possible due to continuous development in mobile applications and proper implementation of mobile app development best practices.Whether it’s Play Store or iOS, everyday thousands of apps are launched on these operating system giants. Doynt Technology brings to you the best app development guidelines to create better apps for iOS and Play Store.

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