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UI/UX in Web Design and Why It’s so Important

UI/UX Design

Do you ever think about your users or just optimize your website for search engines? We live in the digital age where people depend intensely on the internet, phones, computers, and gadgets to provide information in a quick and seamless way. The fields of User Experience Design and User Interface Design (UI/UX Design) drive what users of a website think, feel, see and do on a product. 

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In this article, we look at
What is UI/UX?
What is the difference between UI/UX Design?
Why the UI/UX is so important when it comes to website design.

What is UI/UX?

UI is a short form that stands for User Interface and UX is the acronym for User Experience. Both the terms are somewhat interrelated to the design of the website and mobile app but in different ways. UI refers to the term that how it looks; What will be the color, design, shapes of each function. This is a part where it is decided that what is needed and how things are laid out on the screen. In UX, What exactly matters is how a user uses the website or app or we can say experience after using the product.

Now, We make an attempt to help you better understand the Difference between UI/UX terms.

User Interface

User Interface is the component that people see and interact with a software application. When you use a software application or go to a website, UI is the component that you physically see. UI refers to the compilation of approaches and building blocks that allow the user to interact with a system. To truly know what the right design is, you must first think about who your users are. Once you determine that, then determining the design will be easier.

User Experience

User Experience refers to the experience, feelings, and thoughts about the design. UX is the experience that people have with the UI. The more you focus on UX at the beginning of the project, smother the development of your project will be. A good UI can result in a bad UX and a great UX can be had from a terrible UI.  The entire experience of a person using that particular product, service or system shows the term user experience. To assure a good user experience, the product or service must meet all the requirements of the user. A good, innovative and easy to use user interface automatically translates to a good user experience.

Why the UI/UX is so important when it comes to website design?

In today’s fast-paced society, the most successful websites/applications are those that respond quickly and efficiently. If you take your UI or UX seriously, you get good conversion rates. If your website takes fifteen seconds longer to find a specific product as compared to your competitor’s site, it will leave a bad impression… Your UI/UX can make or break you.

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