iPhone App Development

Apple has been singularly responsible for revolutionizing the usage of a wide range of Internet-enabled devices – Laptops, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and the latest in wearable technologies. Apple has always been a path-breaker in introducing the latest technology in their devices, thereby capturing a large slice of market share. Their exclusive platform IOS and app store has high-tech apps, ideally suited for business enterprises wanting to go for exponential growth and development.

Doynt Technologies is one of the leading IOS app development companies, offering cutting edge and optimized IOS apps to our customers. Our team of talented and technically equipped IOS app developers offers the best in IOS app development. We develop state-of-the-art iPhone applications that are business-centric and maximize our client expectations. Our developers follow industry-leading best practices and a logical approach that leads to customized and quality IOS based apps.

The feature-rich IOS apps created by us meet the futuristic demands of our clients. We follow a specific regimen while creating apps, starting from conceptualization and planning to monetization. Here are the steps followed by us.

Conceptualization – We have an in-depth discussion with our clients to know their specific requirements. We also go through competitor analysis to understand the strong points of the industry.

Designing – The next step is taking up design documentation, icon, GUI and creating visual mock-ups. All this is aimed at developing an optimized user-experience and a user-centric design.

Development and Deployment – Development involves coding the app and meeting server-side requirements as well as project setup, programming and offline caching. Deployment is the process where we thoroughly test the app and complete the SSL setup.

Quality Assurance – The app is now checked by us for user experience functions such as graphics, navigation, overall quality, and cross-platform compatibility.

Support – We monitor the app consistently and update with OS upgrades whenever necessary.
For superior quality IOS apps make Doynt Technologies your first port of call. Contact us now!

There are different verticals of iPhone app development services:

Business Development

An iPhone app development services demonstrated extremely convenient regards to business transactions.
Some of the most popular apps are:

  • Search Engine on your iPhone
  • Accessibility to different Business reports, reviews
  • Email textual content to your mobile
  • Money Management Tools
  • Customer Detailed Database
  • Calendar Services
  • Windows Office Services
  • Google Drive Services
Entertainment Applications

Entertainment has a new definition of the iPhone. It’s not constrained to going to movies or sitting at home before your TV or setting off to the gaming field. All is there right in your palms. Different sorts of enjoyment applications are:

  • Radio Stations
  • Movie Feedbacks
  • Music
  • Information about nearby occasions
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Fun and Interactive Applications
Games Applications

iPhone application development has taken the gaming experience to another level. Through this you can create diversions to your individual preferring, the alternatives are numerous and the fun is boundless.

  • Brick games
  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Strategy games
  • Board games
  • War games
  • Multi/single player
Networking Applications

Nowadays social networking is playing an important role in everyone’s life. You can get connected with your family, friends or relatives every time and wherever you might be.

  • Locating companions
  • Wi-Fi organizing
  • Social networking games
  • Weather tips
  • Subscribing to occasions
  • Horoscope
  • Maps

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