App vs Website – What Would be Choose First?

What to develop first Mobile App or website? Which one is best for you? Which Will Attract More Customers? What came first, the mobile app or the website? It’s all important to choose the right platform and be aware of why choose it.

Firstly, let’s discuss what is the difference between app and website?

Mobile websites are a special version of a current website. Even mobile has a small screen, but websites specifically having a version for mobile websites which will give better browsing experience to the users. Websites can be accessed on multiple platforms like Android, Blackberry,  iPhones etc. Mobile apps have to be designed specifically for a mobile device like iPhone app will not work on an Android smartphone and vice versa.

Pros and Cons of Website and App

Pros of Website:- Easily accessible through any web browser on multiple platforms, there isn’t any need to download or install anything. You simply need to update the content in one place.

Cons of Website:- Some responsive websites can take longer to load because the images on a responsive site are just visually scaled down and not resized for fastest load times, smartphones and tablets can notice a lag in loading speeds, especially when being used on a mobile network.

Pros of App:- Mobile app if frequently used, much easier and faster to use after installation. It helps increase customer loyalty. Their specific utilization can be focused to different users – dealers/customers /end-users/ staff.

Cons of Apps:- A mobile App needs to be made to suit each platform, Android, Windows, iPhone, etc. which can be costly and timely. Apps are not as simple to optimize as a mobile website.

Other factors to consider time, cost and compatibility. Mobile app takes a longer time than website development. It costs considerably more. A website is compatible with all the platforms, mobile app compatibility depends on the platform. Different apps need to be developed for the different platform.

Many companies want to develop mobile app first, but that may be a wrong decision. As we all know, it’s a new way to connect with users, but there are plenty of reasons for both platforms why you should build apps or websites first, so next time do it consciously.

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