Top 15 Ecommerce Website Builders to Start Online Store

Ecommerce website builders

Ecommerce website builders play a crucial role in creating highly optimized online stores. Here is a rundown of the basics of  a website builder in general and the best ecommerce website builders in particular. A website builder is a platform that facilitates the creation of a website. Most big website builders have ecommerce features plugged in. Since website builders are “web-based” as distinct from software or an app, all that is needed is a web browser and a stable Internet connection to run it. Most critically, website builders offer a range of features that enable anybody to create a customized and unique personalized website.  

The most important advantage of a platform to build online store website is that to use it, no coding or design experience is necessary. Hence, if you want to build an ecommerce website and do not want to hire a web design and development agency to do it for you, using a website builder is the way to go!

It’s very useful for small businesses and startups that are usually on a budget and cannot splurge on creating an ecommerce website by hiring a team of developers to do so. However, the best ecommerce website builders have in-built features that help to create sites intuitively, all due to a wide range of available templates and tools that are not difficult to use.

These go a long way in creating professional and slick-looking websites using customized templates, leading to top-end features – mobile optimization, SEO and other e-commerce requirements that make the site run securely and smoothly.

What then are some of the factors that need to be considered while choosing one from among several ecommerce website builders? Read below:

  • High-quality templates – Choose a website builder that offers high-quality templates. Regardless of the CMS chosen, you will find hundreds of dazzling themes that match your needs. It is advisable though to buy a premium theme as they have more functionality and features than the free themes.
  • Responsive to mobile – This is critical as most buyers visit sites on their mobile phones to find products and services and compare prices before arriving at a purchase decision. Templates of most website builders are made to be responsive.
  • High loading speed – Your website should load at the blink of an eye, in any case not later than three seconds. Anything more and you will face a high bounce rate. Check your site on Google PageSpeed Insights that provides a detailed evaluation of loading speed.
  • Enables Product ratings – This is crucial for any ecommerce site. It instils a sense of trust and credibility in customers and helps decide which product to purchase. Templates of the best ecommerce website builders surely have a built-in rating system.
  • Purchase without an account – Your website should allow customers to make purchases as a “guest” on the site without having to log in. You can offer incentives like “free delivery” to register on the site but instead of forcing visitors to do so, have a guest option.
  • Multiple payment options– Your customers will be more comfortable with multiple payment options including the common and the not-so-common types. This flexibility leads to higher volumes of sales.

Ecommerce website builders

Other must-haves in templates in ecommerce website builders include provisions for product descriptions, putting high-quality photos and customer service and feedback.

After evaluating in some detail what an ecommerce website builder is and the features that they should possess, it is time to specifically know the best ecommerce website builders currently available.


This builder works perfectly for small businesses and start-ups as well as enterprise level ecommerce sites and has till date helped businesses generate over $17 billion in sales.

Tools provided by BigCommerce –

  • Adaptive site themes with built-in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Customizable URLs and metadata to match any SEO strategy.
  • Smooth user experience with personalized storefront builder.
  • Creates fully secured websites
  • Specialized tools like web hosting app integration and round the clock customer support.

BigCommerce is perfect for business growth, implementing cross-channel commerce and tracking the store revenue.


Shopify is an exclusive platform to build online store website, and is considered one of the best even though it falls outside the realm of WordPress, has a restricted API call volume, high merchant transaction fees, and limited URL structure customization.

The benefits of Shopify are –

  • It is a stand-alone ecommerce platform where any business owner can create and grow an online store.
  • A number of customer re-engagement tools like reminding them of abandoned items in carts
  • A large stock of customizable store themes.  
  • Cloud-based and hence the ecommerce site can be monitored remotely too.

Shopify is ideal for ecommerce sites that are not highly technical, for business owners who want to update sites without help from web development agencies and for new store owners with SKU counts of less than 100.  

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Almost 50 million websites have been built with Weebly. It has been acquired in 2018 by Square.

Top-end features include –

  • More than 40 mobile-friendly themes
  • This intuitive drag-and-drop builder is perfect for beginners as coding is not required.
  • A library of in-house and third-party apps adds more functionality into the Weebly site.
  • Flexible pricing options with one free plan and four additional paid tiers of service

Weebly does not have a restore option. The support team has to be contacted in case of crashes. Good for small SKU counts and brands with simple ecommerce websites.


BigCartel is one of the best ecommerce website builders especially suited for small merchants looking for a simple uncomplicated platform.

The primary features include –

  • Streamlined management of inventory, store data and orders.
  • Easy and simple-to-use store builder ensures quick creation of sites
  • The platform is especially suitable for artists, creative talents and independent merchants.  

BigCartel is best for business owners needing an uncomplicated platform and wanting to quickly create an impressive on-brand store quality.

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Volusion is a complete ecommerce store-builder and business owners can customize their storefronts in minutes.

Exclusive features include –

  • Advanced customer relationship tools for quick interactions
  • Third-party software integration to expand the availability of ecommerce tools.
  • Easy inventory management ensures smooth tracking and monitoring of the rise and fall in inventory levels.

Volusion is perfect for business owners wanting to integrate apps and software currently being used with the online store.

Ecommerce website builders


Squarespace is used widely both by business owners and independent creative artists since it enables portfolio building and blogging.

Other optimized ecommerce tools offered by Squarespace are –

  • Quick management of sales and product lines for those running subscription-based services.
  • Top quality round the clock customer support on the platform
  • Stunning fully customizable themes that are high on design and functionality

Perfect for business owners requiring close customer interaction and optimized management of inventory, orders, and logistics.


Kibo provides opportunities for creating advanced and customized ecommerce websites with feature-rich tools instead of templates only.

Kibo offers designers –

  • Easy upgrades where new features can be added to the site without interruptions to customers’ shopping experience.
  • A mobile-first design offering exclusive mobile-based experience
  • Integrated SEO tools enable features like quick URL routing customizations and editable page titles and descriptions.

However, Kibo is for business owners who know how to code and have to manage multiple stores from one place. It is thus advisable to contact experienced ecommerce web designers and developers to be on the Kibo platform.


If you choose to build online store website on a cloud-based solution, PrestaShop should be your preferred option.

Opportunities on PrestaShop are –

  • Getting customized sites, either with an editable theme or by hiring specialists in this field.
  • Multilingual store capabilities in more than 60 languages. Ideal for large enterprise level sites.
  • Offers marketing tools such as coupons and discount codes, email list building, and product promotion.
  • Memorable customer experience with search filters, order validation at checkout and product display configuration.

PrestaShop is best for large international sites and cloud-based ecommerce store.


It is one of the potent ecommerce website builders that lead to a heightened presence and shopping experience.

Advantages of 3dcart are –

  • Advanced shopping solutions like wish lists and registries, customer reviews and category navigation
  • Highly scalable, enabling websites to seamlessly adapt to exponential growth
  • Multilingual customer support round the clock from the 3dcart platform specialists
  • Especially useful for customizing the storefront  

The platform is perfect for business owners wanting to integrate existing third-party apps and software with a storefront and for those with small startup budgets.

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Wix is a great option for business owners needing a fully customizable ecommerce store solution.

Benefits of Wix are –

  • Drag-and-drop ecommerce builder with powerful features
  • Potent blogging tools that help to better manage blogs and share posts directly to social media channels.
  • Intuitive store builder leading to quick creation of attractive mobile-responsive ecommerce websites

Wix is ideal for those building a website but not experienced or tech-savvy.

Ecommerce website builders


WooCommerce works seamlessly with WordPress and provides business owners all that they need for business growth and development and improving bottom lines.

These include –

  • Quality customer service from the WooCommerce support team
  • Geolocation support tool and tax calculator ensures simplification and accurate sales tax calculation regardless of the country or location
  • Integration with one of the most powerful hosting platforms WordPress puts WooCommerce among the best ecommerce website builders.    

WooCommerce is widely used by startups and small businesses as well as those needing multiple payment methods for global customers.


Magento is the ideal platform if you have invested heavily in IT or development.

Some of the high points of Magento are –

  • Complete control over brands and ecommerce stores
  • Helps builders to customize the content as per customer requirements for better brand interaction
  • Powerful insights can be gathered after data processing so that future planning and inventory control is optimized

Magento is an ideal platform for large enterprise level complex ecommerce websites and those wanting to foray into global expansion.  


The highlight of Site123 is the extremely fast loading times and the ease of choosing from the wide range of templates.

Other benefits of Site123 are –

  • Intuitive website builder with no need for coding
  • Built-in SEO tools helps website reach high rankings on results pages of major search engines
  • A bank of royalty-free images is available to all users.

Site123 incidentally is a powerful platform for all types of websites spanning across multiple industries.

IM Creator

Creating a website with IM Creator is simple, intuitive and fast and can be done in minutes. Most importantly, coding is not required to build online store website.

The strong points of IM Creator are –

  • All websites are fully scalable, regardless of the number of pages the ecommerce website might have.
  • Any changes or upgrades can be done from a mobile device too making it easy to do so while on the move.
  • A wide range of template designs that are 100% responsive

The strong point of IM Creator is that it offers unlimited hosting and bandwidth and there are no charges for designing, building and publishing the website

Get it custom made.

We have discussed here the various ecommerce website builders and platforms that help a business owner quickly set up the basics of an online store. However, every platform has its limitation in terms of features. For those who have a unique e-commerce store vision, it is always advisable to hire a website development company. Top developers guarantee cutting edge technology, features and also save a lot of time wasted in setting up your own website.

The advantages are –

  • Websites created by designers and developers can be integrated with any feature.
  • Programmers create sites based on the latest technologies for an enhanced user-experience.
  • Continual support and enhancements
  • Periodical site maintenance and upgrades
  • All sites are customized and personalized to individual requirements
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs with no technical experience.

Ecommerce customized websites are ideal for both small and large companies looking for a professional touch.

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