Modern Web Design Trends in 2018

Internet has probably become one of the influencing technology worldwide. Web designing has evolved in the same manner. So, let’s track the latest web design trends and start putting them to use.  This will give you an assurance that while this post does look at trends in design, it’s aim is to look at how designs that are in popularity presently will transition into this year.

How is web design evolving? What kind of developments do you need to be aware to stay ahead?

Let’s discuss design trends evolve over time!!

Grid Web Designing

Grid Designing

In past years, the usage of grid pattern was observable in web designing. It helps to design unconventional designs.   The combination of asymmetry and grid design form broken grid patterns. The concept of grid altogether allows creating beautiful juxtapositions of bitmaps and letterforms. These are designed to use the grid as a blueprint for the layout but allow elements to overlap across different grids. Broken grid patterns are very much different.

Innovative Typography

Bold Typography

Yes, typography being used in creating attractive visuals. Boldness not in the term of colors and styles but also in term of size. For instance- For making a good contrast with rest of the content on the web page, large size typeface used for headers.

Penetrating Interaction & Animationanimation

The web page ability is not to just show out the information but to present and make information to move and more importantly to allow us to interact with the information. Animation can help a visitor to interact with the information in a correct manner and it helps the customer to understand easily.

Scrolling Effects in Web Design

Scrolling Effects

Scrolling effects haven’t been explored in their full capacity yet which will make for a very interesting year in design. Designers are also beginning to experiment with scrolling rates. This gives a new interactive phase to a website to play more smoothly with images.



It’s an easiest and quick technique for getting ideas from users. An image will show out just that what’s in it but when you will convey complex information in a visual manner, it tells you how to use it also.

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