Creating Safer Workplaces for Women – Thoughts & Pointers

Safer Workplaces for Women

From being full-time homemakers to leading entrepreneurs, army officers, and successful administrators, the role and status of women has noticeably changed over the past few decades. Modern women are helping uplift each other and emerging as what the American businesswoman, Sophia Amoruso, calls “Girl Boss”. The empowerment of women has made them more independent but …

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Cyber Security

GDPR Compliance Checklist 2018 Are You Ready for GDPR?

Data security

Since the GDPR launch, our team of business strategists began extensive research for a better understanding of this newly-launched data protection law. We also compiled a GDPR compliance checklist that will clear a lot of confusion and answer most critical questions about GDPR. Our detailed GDPR compliance checklist will also help small businesses, established organizations …

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