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Software Development in 2019 – What’s New & Challenging

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If there is anything that signals the growth of tech and development culture, it is the phenomena of programming being taught as a skill in high schools. Learning programming languages and building products is way simpler than it was back ten years ago but this doesn’t mean new concepts and challenges have not emerged in software development. While concepts are fascinating, challenges are rather glaring.

In this post, Team Doynt will share how software development is shaping up and also acquaint our readers with newest programming challenges to keep in mind while working on digital ventures.

We need to talk about security

Data security has always been a point of concern for organisations. With the popularization of IoT and plastic currency in developing countries, cyber criminals have found new playground. In 2016, we already saw the damage Mirai did, not to mention the WannaCry ransomware attack that also impacted companies like FedEx. So, security should be one of the top priorities when it comes to software, app, and IoT development. Even startups built around data should take security into consideration and invest in security & PCI DSS compliance services.

New languages are coming

While developers are already kind of overwhelmed with the development technologies in the market, new ones are on the way. Last month, IBM unveiled a programming language named Composer that simplifies development of serverless applications. For those who think C is not their cup of tea, we witnessed the birth of Zig which is being hailed as more practical than the time tested language. Startups like Uber are also opening up their research and introducing development technologies that will assist in AI research.

Start thinking AI already

By 2025, artificial intelligence market is going to be worth $59.8 billion. In 2016, the market value stood at only $1.4 billion. And do you know why AI and its related markets like Deep Learning & Machine Learning will witness such an explosive growth? It’s because AI is the need of time. Whether you are browsing your favorite social networks or ordering a pizza through chat, AI is at play; sometimes in the background but almost always there.

This has increased user expectations and products that don’t bring the power of AI won’t be able to deliver the experience that people expect.

Evolution of software development

In the last decade, software development has seen a sea change, and Agile at the center of it. While development companies across the world have embraced agile, awareness amongst businesses and organizations is still somewhat limited. So, let’s quickly share how Agile is different from earlier development methodologies:

  • Focus is on working software rather than documentation.
  • Collaboration oriented approach over contract negotiation.
  • People & interactions over process & tools
  • Improvisation over rigid planning

At Doynt Technologies, we are simply in love with Agile and bring out the best of Application Development Management while developing on C, C++, Core JAVA, ASP .Net, PHP, C#, iOS, and Android development.

Choosing a development partner

Software is the heart and soul of your any internet driven product. Whether you are building an IoT device, enterprise software, or futuristic shopping platform, everything requires cutting edge programming and database capabilities. At Doynt, we deliver the same to startups, business owners, and global organizations. Our world class developers build products by following best programming practices and pay special attention to security to check breaches.

Are you planning to build a game changing product and require top class development talent for the same? Discuss your project with our team of developers to get the maximum return on your investment.

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