Cyber Security

Mitigate the Risks of Cyber Disruption

The digital business environment of today is always open to risks, vulnerabilities, failures, and attacks on existing systems and processes. It is therefore imperative that you protect your business from disruptive cyber incidents and ward off attacks on critical applications and data and recover them from breach or failures in a measurable and controlled manner.

Most critically, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day with the time-frame between an initial compromise of data to a full-blown attack shrinking from days to hours and minutes now.

Doynt Technologies is a leading firm offering cyber security services to small and medium-sized businesses which are especially prone to cyber attacks. Any threat is disastrous for their systems and can lead to a shutdown in the worst-case scenario.

Our cyber-security experts are trained and experienced in the latest tools and technologies to handle cyber attacks quickly and effectively. Primary services include removal of virus, malicious code and malware from websites, more so for those built on open-source technologies like WordPress as these are more vulnerable to attacks.

We follow a definite comprehensive method for protecting companies from cyber attacks and helping them to get over it should it happen.

  • Identifying risks and vulnerabilities in business-critical applications and assessing disaster recovery readiness.
  • Devising strategies to safeguard data and applications before they are exploited by using immutable storage technologies.
  • Automating testing and verification of backed-up data, to trigger rapid response to any changes in system configuration files.
  • Restoring data from air-gapped backup and quickly recovering mission-critical business applications and IT systems from cyber incidents.

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