SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the modern business environment, it is essential to have an SEO optimized site for major search engines. Most purchase decisions today are made after browsing the Web, and if business websites are not at the top of results pages of major search engines, there will be lost sales opportunities. At Doynt our goal is to work closely with clients to structure SEO strategies that offer measurable and tangible results. Our plans are based on in-depth market and industry research as well as competitor analysis. A data-driven approach and use of cutting-edge SEO techniques lead to improved rankings, inbound traffic to client websites, and increased conversions and profitability.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

With the exponential boom in social media active users, digital marketers today are increasingly banking on the various platforms to improve brand awareness, client interaction and sales. At Doynt, we create procedures, policies and data integration to develop social media profiles of our clients for maximum exposure that typically leads to business growth. We generate brand-centric profiles that are closely linked to specific client requirements. Our professional team structures engaging content and graphics for social media engagement. Most importantly we do not follow a standardized approach and ensure that the client’s brand is matched with the right social media platform.


ORM (Online Reputation Management)

In today’s online environment, there is always a need to protect a brand from external threats and negative publicity. It is very easy for attackers to pull down a brand through a combination of online reviews and adverse comments on social media platforms. To ward off this possibility, the team of technicians at Doynt creates various ORM or Online Reputation Management strategies for our clients to protect their brand and reputation. We research and pinpoint the source of adverse publicity, and take appropriate actions to contain untrue online comments, malicious reviews and other damages. Further, we use specialized tools and techniques to counter negative exposure and defend a brand under attack.

Paid Advertising Campaign

Optimized digital marketing campaigns capitalize on all channels of advertising and include both paid and unpaid ads. However, paid marketing brings in instant traffic to the website and is ideal to increase brand awareness and target a large audience. We at Doynt use a wide range of effective and cutting-edge paid marketing tools that enable us to customize campaigns as per clients’ specific requirements. Some of the techniques adopted by us that assure improved footfalls to the site, sales and conversions are PPC, PPL and display ads. We also create marketing plans for paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for a greater reach.

Paid Advertising Campaign
Content Writing services

Content Marketing

Excellent, authoritative and credible content is essential for online digital marketing as it is a way to reach out to customers with news and information on products and services. Hence, the focus of our experienced and talented team of content writers is to create and share online content such as videos, blogs and social media posts. Often these do not explicitly promote a brand but stimulates a great interest in specific products and services, leading to higher conversions and sales. Before working out a content marketing strategy, we first analyze the target audience and decide the various platforms to post the content, so that client needs are optimized.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a potent tool that helps organizations reach out to specific target audiences quickly and effectively. The experienced team of digital marketers at Doynt incorporates email marketing in overall plans so that client brands are reinforced and they can maintain close connections and engagements with their customers. We take up the full range of email marketing support for our clients, starting from designing the layout of the emails to insertion of links, content and videos to optimize this approach. Additionally, we also use specialized analytics to measure the success of our email campaigns and provide reports to our clients so that they can estimate the ROI on market spends.

email marketing

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